Pacific Planetarium

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology,
in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.
-Carl Sagan


The Pacific Planetarium is born out of the passion of local astronomy educators.

Educators at the Pacific Planetarium work hard to provide engaging topics relating to earth and space sciences with a focus on audience participation and experimentation. Audience members are encouraged to ask questions of our staff members both in and outside of the dome.

The Pacific Planetarium was opened by Digitalis Education Solutions. Inc. in 2011. At Digitalis we manufacture; fixed and portable planetarium systems, portable planetarium domes, and Nightshade NG planetarium software. Our systems are in use at over 700 installations worldwide.

The Pacific Planetarium serves as our test-bed. It is where we test new systems, and new software. It is also where we insure the quality of every system we ship.

At this time we are unable to provide in person public programs. We are hosting online only virtual shows. Please check the schedule below for dates and times.

To learn more about Digitalis you can find us on the web at

Zoom to Mars with the Pacific Planetarium!

MarsOn July 30, NASA will be launching "The Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover to Mars" and that weekend the Pacific Planetarium will be hosting 4 Virtual Planetarium shows via Zoom focused on the Red Planet. We'll talk about the history of Mars exploration and the science objectives of the current missions to Mars.


Show Times are:
Fri, July 31 4:00 pm PDT
Fri July 31 7:00 pm PDT
Sat, August 1 10:00 am PDT
Sat, August 1 1:00 pm PDT


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