About Us

Welcome to the Pacific Planetarium

Located at 817 Pacific Avenue in Downtown Bremerton, Washington, the Pacific Planetarium is the city's newest cultural attraction. Featuring 28 seats in concentric arrangement (around the perimeter of the dome), the family friendly Pacific Planetarium provides an engaging environment for teachers, students, and audience members to learn about the night sky, our solar system, and beyond.

A combination of paid and volunteer staffers at the Pacific Planetarium work hard to provide engaging topics relating to earth and space sciences with the unique ability to provide live, interactive programming. Audience members are encouraged to ask questions of our staff members both in and outside of the dome.

Our Mission

The mission of the Pacific Planetarium is to improve the level of astronomy knowledge in the Puget Sound region, to inspire excitement and interest in science and science education, and to provide related cultural and community enrichment opportunities.  The planetarium will be a test bed to explore the effectiveness of different tools and teaching methodologies.